Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 75 - Killing Joke Review

August 1, 2016

Just in time for the Bluray release!  Listen before buying/renting your copy of the Killing Joke!  First part is SPOILER FREE!

The guys went to the limited-theatrical release of the Killing Joke and give their honest review.  Does this graphic novel classic live up to its legacy?  Or was it ruined with a modern interpretation?

First 30 minutes are spoiler free, the 2nd half has full blown spoilers.

Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 74 - Comic Con 2016 Recap

July 28, 2016

There's Comic-Cons that rock the boat, then there are Comic-Cons that blow it out of the water.  The guys cover over 25 different headlines from SDCC that include the Wonder Woman, Justice League, and Doctor Strange trailers.   


Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 73 - Moans Over Clones

June 24, 2016

Yup, clones.  No...dont worry, nobody was dumb enough to clone Trade Paper Hacks.  As it turns out, Marvel is revisiting the aftermath of the hated 90's Spider-man story line "The Clone Saga."  We cover everything that went wrong and why it still sends shivers up the spines of nerds everywhere.

Also, the episode is 2 hours long.  That's because Jason (the artist formally known as Techbooth) and Paul from Deep Video hijacked the studio to interview Alex for a 30/30 segment.  They were kind enough to let Alex use the audio for his show.  It's a great candid look at Trade Paper Hacks behind the scenes and the wonders creative co-ops can do for local artistic communities.

Also:  Casting news for Doctor Strange and Spider-man: Homecoming!

Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 72 - Super Power Rankings

June 9, 2016

To ask somebody to make a list is to make them challenge the things they love.  Sure, this is your favorite thing, but is it your ONLY favorite?

Alex welcomes in Joel to go rank their top five favorite Marvel movies, DC movies, comic television shows and comic book video games.  There's nothing quite like having to justify your poor choices...

ALSO:  Xmen review and DC comics newest fighting game.


Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 71 - Cape-Less Reviews

May 25, 2016

There are new comic book shows on TV!  But...they don't include any superheroes.  Welcome to the world of comics without capes!

Alex welcomes in TPH original Scott White to review the brand new Preacher show on AMC and the brand new Outcast on Cinemax.  They also dive into the spoilers surrounding DC Rebirth and the publishers plan for Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and much more!

Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 70 - Everythings Canceled

May 19, 2016

Everything is canceled!  It's all over!  GAME OVER MAN!

Ok, that's an exaggeration.  Alex welcomes his newest guest host Joel Jimenez into the studio to talk movie news surrounding the Harley Quinn spinoff, the next Wolverine movie, the delayed Gambit film, Black Panther's newest stars, and the inevitable Booster Gold movie!

Oh yeah, there's TV talk surrounding Agent Carter and Shield:Most Wanted cancellation, Krypton being green-lit by SyFy (for some unknown reason), Agents of Shield and Supergirl transitions, and a review of the first 5 minutes of AMC's Preacher!

There's plenty of news sensationalism to go around this week!

Trade Paper Hacks - Civil War Review

May 6, 2016

Civil War is finally here!!!  Is this the best Marvel film to date?  Are the complex moral themes too much for a superhero film?  Does Ant-Man have the biggest surprise?  Does Spider-Man solidify his position in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?!  Trade Paper Hack Alumni Jason Dyer rejoins the show to cover every corner of Captain America: Civil War

This special episode is split into two parts!  The first half is SPOILER FREE.  The 2nd half...well, dont listen to that part if you haven't seen the movie yet.

Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 69 - Who is Doctor Strange

April 24, 2016

The first trailer for Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange released and casual comic fans everywhere whispered out "teach me!"  Alex dives into the details behind the trailer and the character background behind Doctor Strange.  Then he helps everybody question who Mads Mikkelsen and Rachael McAdams is playing.  Also, is Tilda Swinton too talented an actress to be considered white washing casting?

Other topics covered in this episode:  The newest Suicide Squad trailer, Ben Affleck directing a Batman solo film, Thor Ragnarok casting news, the Deadpool sequel, texting during Civil War, the Killing Joke, and the Dark Knight III: Master Race gets cancelled!

Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 68 - Marks Final Episode

April 13, 2016

Alex and the TPH family bid farewell to Mark as he leaves the show, the comic shop, and the area to move back to his hometown.  Everybody joins in on the fun, TPH-Original Scott White, Mark "the Con-Man" Tran, and even Jason Dyer returns as TechBooth!

But what actually goes down in the show?  Awkward audio from Trade Paper Hacks Episode 1, Alex grieves via voicemail, and a special audio farewell from Valerie at CosPod.  They even find time to talk about that new Rogue One trailer!

Thank you Mark for your nerdiness.  It's been a blast!

Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 67 - Wrestlemania Recap

April 8, 2016

The guys welcome in TPH favorite Ricky Wright to recap Wrestlemania.  However, Mark and Ricky don't recap the event as it was seen on pay-per-view, they were actually AT WRESTLEMANIA!  Listen as Alex struggles to keep up with their weekend's worth of high-flying tales and top-turnbuckle adventure.

Also:  Dont fret comic fans, there's plenty of comic book stuff as well:  Batman v Superman's 2nd Weekend, a preview of the Killing Joke animated adaptation, and previewing upcoming trailers!  Can Mark convince Alex that AMC's the Walking Dead finale wasn't absolute bullsh*t?