Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 66 - Zack Snyder is Wrong

March 31, 2016

The boys poke holes in Zack Snyder's recent comments about why Batman is a killer in Batman v Superman, discuss the recently released deleted scene featuring Lex Luthor, and how every director is distancing themselves from BvS's dark tone.

Also:  DC Rebirth deconstructed, how successful is Deadpool?, where is Gambit?, and the top/bottom 10 superhero movies ranked by io9!
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io9 Superhero Movies Ranked List:

Trade Paper Hacks - Batman v Superman Review

March 25, 2016
The Greatest Gladiator Match of the Centrury!  Quality story telling vs. establishing a franchise.  Did Batman v Superman live up to the hype?  Was it as bad as everybody thought it would be?  What does this mean for the future of the Justice League movies?  Are Mark's tears joy or sadness?

Broken into 2 parts!  Spoiler-free and Spoiler-full

Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 65 - Catching Up

March 23, 2016

The boys scramble to make up for missing a week by going over all the secrets in the Captain America Civil War trailer, giving their spoiler-free Daredevil: Season 2 review, and commenting on the early reviews for Batman v Superman!

Also:  The Mighty Men of Marvel variant covers, the new Xmen: Apocalypse trailer, the Supergirl/Flash crossover, the new Luke Cage trailer, and Mark has surprising news!

Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 64 - Super Duper Cereal

March 9, 2016

The boys discover the fine delicacy that is licensed branded breakfasts as they taste test the Batman and Superman cereals.  Are super-cereals a new thing?  Have they always tasted horrible?  Who wins in a battle of sugary blandness?

Also:  What new titles are we getting with DC Rebirth?  Which ones are we losing?  What comic book character is Donald Trump?

Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 63 - The Casting of Iron Fist

March 4, 2016

New Episode!  They finally cast the title role in Netflix's upcoming Iron Fist!  Is he the perfect candidate for the part?  Or did Marvel Studios miss an opportunity to take the character in new directions?

Also:  Celebrate Texas's independence with Texas born superheroes, more Powerless updates, and what major comic book character may not be getting a movie like we all thought?

Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 62 - Rated R

February 26, 2016

Well [FUDGE], those [DARN] TPH boys are at it again.  They are afraid that the movie studios are going to start making a bunch of [POOPY] R-Rated comic book movies because Deadpool was so successful.  Do the boys have some valid points?  Or are they just being giant [KITTENS]?

Also:  Casting news for Powerless and Justice League starts filming earlier than expected!
(Note:  Just because the subject material is R-Rated, the show is still pg-13)

Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 61 - Final Trailer Crisis

February 19, 2016

Mark has Earth shattering news concerning Warner Bros Studios and Batman v Superman!

Also, the boys dive into the brand new trailer for Daredevil season 2, Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2, and they review Deadpool!  How do you spoil a movie that simply cant be spoiled? (hint: they dont)

Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 60 - The Deadpool Episode

February 11, 2016

It's finally here!  The guys have been talking about doing a Deadpool episode for 59 episodes and they have finally done it!  They cover everything from Deadpool's origins, his power set, his creators, the best story arcs to read, and the controversial nature of his fans.

Also: There were a ton of new comic movie trailers, commercials and product placement opportunities from this year's Super Bowl!

Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 59 - The Batmobile

February 4, 2016
Do you think you can determine a Batmobile by it's sound alone?

The boys dedicate an entire episode to Batman's most awesome ride...the Batmobile!  They go over 10 facts about the Batmobile, covering everything from the comics, to the TV shows to the movies.

Also:  Aquaman casts Mara, there's a new Power Rangers movie, and the Ninja Turtles movies are still happening for some reason.

Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 58 - Superhero Myers Briggs

January 29, 2016

Do you have the personality of a superhero?  Dont worry, neither do Mark and Alex.  The guys dive deep into superhero personality types via the popular Myers-Briggs test and see what superheroes align with what famous people throughout history and pop-culture.

Also:  Is DC getting yet another reboot?  Wait, there's an Agents of Shield spinoff?  Who is DEAD NO MORE over at Marvel?