Trade Paper Hacks - Episode 73 - Moans Over Clones

June 24, 2016

Yup, clones.  No...dont worry, nobody was dumb enough to clone Trade Paper Hacks.  As it turns out, Marvel is revisiting the aftermath of the hated 90's Spider-man story line "The Clone Saga."  We cover everything that went wrong and why it still sends shivers up the spines of nerds everywhere.

Also, the episode is 2 hours long.  That's because Jason (the artist formally known as Techbooth) and Paul from Deep Video hijacked the studio to interview Alex for a 30/30 segment.  They were kind enough to let Alex use the audio for his show.  It's a great candid look at Trade Paper Hacks behind the scenes and the wonders creative co-ops can do for local artistic communities.

Also:  Casting news for Doctor Strange and Spider-man: Homecoming!

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